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Born in: 1947


Dominique Grisor was born in 1947 in Tourcoing, France and lives and works in Lille.

The uniqueness of Grisor’s work comes from the use of simple subjects, universally a part of people’s memory, and that reveal their meaning immediately.

Their integration in space is made with very few material means, whether we examine her museum installations or her prints. No disruptions, no scale, all the elements she selects materialize with great strength on their support.

Grisor creates obvious things with the help of the objects and of space: they are her own obvious truths, because, if the gaze lingers on these objects, the fragments seem hijacked from reality, forcing the viewer to re-read and reinterpret them. The use of similarities and extreme formal composition has generated a process in which everything starts again.
These prints that constitute sequences of a suite are the first step of a long series and deal, with traditional means, with the interaction between space and perception, but they leave aside the chaotic element, in a wonderful softness of blue and ochre tones. They accompany the silence engraved in each of these images.
Her silkscreens refer to her previous artworks and depict the human being in three paradoxical situations: the first one is a modulator, and the other two are “underwater”, as their title, “Silences” suggests it.

Each series brings a specific element and re-launches a kind of research.
Even if these artworks still refer to identifiable elements, there is an idea of the absolute that is engraved in them, present in all the lines and in the whole support, canceling all possible reference.

Each viewer can imagine their own path in interpreting these artworks.
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In time for Christmas
Grisor, Silence II, Print


Silence II, 1993
29.5 x 22 inch


In time for Christmas
Grisor, Cône bleu, Print


Cône bleu, 1993
15 x 11.4 inch


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In time for Christmas
Grisor, Solstice, Print


Solstice, 1993
30.7 x 46.9 inch


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