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Claire Brusadelli

France Born in: 1968
Originally, Claire Brusadelli is a passionate about literature.
The images created by the words, the descriptions of unknown locations, the intrigue, the discovery of the human kind have fuelled his imagination.
She was and remains above all fascinated by the novels of the tragedy of the human condition or the destiny the economy and the society pulverise inexorably individuals presqu'beyond the willingness of their creators whether they are called Faulkner, Thomas Bernhard or Cormack McCarthy.

The polar is a fiction but it allows the contemporary artist to fix the gaze on his time, to collect not the lights but the darkness. Clear Brusadelli think through the polar, we discern the share obscure of humanity. The world exists with our awareness of the violence, injustice, death, destruction, which seeped into our daily news. The polar accelerates the inevitability of things; it the precipitate and thanks to him, we receive in full face what Giorgio Agamben calls "the harness of darkness which comes from our time."
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