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Kiki Picasso

France Born in: 1956
Christian Chapiron, also known as Kiki Picasso, was born in 1956 in Nice.

In 1974 he was accepted at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris, where he met Olivia Clavel, Loulou Picasso, Lulu Larsen and Bananar. They became friends and founded the group Bazooka Production. The members of Bazooka Production thought that exhibition spaces offered by galleries and cultural institutions were not well adapted to their creations. Bazooka wanted to invade the media in order to change the world.

This invasion started with the comics magazines and continued with the activist media. Their drawings on the subject of information stirred many controversies. The journalists of Libération said about them that “Bazooka is doing Picasso”, and the expression meant, in the late ‘70s, making rubbish. Bazooka started to sign their images “Picasso”.

After the dissolution of the group, Christian Chapiron started to produce videos and electronic paintings. In 1995, he went back to political media and became artistic director of the magazine “Maintenant”, the first French media that denounces the French involvement in the Rwandan genocide.

In 2000 and after, he writes and illustrates “Psychoactif, a hallucinating book” on the recreational use of LSD, produces feature film “Substitution treatment No 4”, produces allegoric carts for carnivals in Paris, Bordeaux, the Gay Pride, the Fête de la musique, the techno-parade. His films electrify the dance floors, his images are displayed during Alien Nation parties and in concert venues. Today, Christian Chapiron is a grandfather and draws for the Social Club.
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