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Guillaume Piéchaud

Born in: 1968



Guillaume Piéchaud is a French sculptor and designer.

Guillaume Piéchaud was born in 1968 and has graduated from the École Boulle in 1988, from the precious metals engraving program.

He has worked with famous jewelry makers for eight years, creating jewelry collections in collaboration with the most important luxury designers.

In parallel with his engraving work, Guillaume Piéchaud has also pursued his artistic career. At the age of 25 he chose to pursue his designer career and developed progressively a practice that can be placed at the border between sculpture and design, informed by his passion for metalwork.

After 2009 he has produced several pieces of furniture, veritable sculptures made of stainless steel, in collaboration with the LOFT Gallery. These objects have simple shapes and clean lines, translating to a larger scale all the skills he acquired from his education as a jewelry maker.

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Guillaume Piéchaud, Lampe Requin, Sculpture

Guillaume Piéchaud

Lampe Requin, 2010
16.5 x 15.4 x 4.7 inch


Guillaume Piéchaud, Tabouret requin, Sculpture

Guillaume Piéchaud

Tabouret requin, 2008
24.8 x 20.1 x 11.4 inch


Few works remaining by Guillaume Piéchaud

These are the last remaining works by Guillaume Piéchaud.
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Galerie LOFT

From November, 28 To January, 18 2014
PARIS - France

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