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France Born in: 1968
Growing up in urban areas in the 80s, graphitti came naturally to Steph Cop , not particularly felt as an artistic research, but rather as a means to get together and live adventures, Steph Cop made his debut at the heart of the capital. His name fits quickly in the compelling of the pioneers of this movement " Street Art". In 1988 with his crew ,"Control of Paris", composed among others by Joey Starr and Meo, he repainted the bulding hoardings of the Louvre during the construction of the pyramid. In 1996, with Mist, an artistic partner, he went to the birthplace of graffitti, New York, and shared walls with the legendary american street artist Cope2.

Creating the brands Homecore and Ladysoul with his partner, they took part in the creation of a new trend, later defined as "streetwear". He worked as an artistic director until 2005.

After several years covering the walls of images, making collections for textiles, drawing logos for the streetwear market, his work became more personal and Steph moved toward the physical representation of a graphical world. He tackles the world of the "Designer Toy", and five figures symbolizing the subjects of the artist's emerge in 2000: the birth of the « Imaginary Friends ». After considerable research on the material that changed his characters asthetics by embodying and stripping its line, ARO became a cult figure of the scene Designer Toys.

Today Steph Cop withdraw from Paris, different décor, and same obsessions. Forests replaced the walls. As if to cleansing himself of using harmful materials, Steph has isolated in the forests of the Morvan to recreate Aro. The ARO machined in plastic as become into "Wooden Aro". Equipped with a heavy chainsaw, the artist carves his pieces in fallen trees full of history, plays with the imperfections of the wood creating majestic forms. A work likes a symbolic haven where the artist is surrounded by his pieces, the « imaginary friends ». Steph came in the Morvan of his ancester to settle after his wanderings in
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