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David Soner

France Born in: 1974
David Soner was born in Metz in 1974, and currently lives in Luxembourg. He discovered the Hip-Hop culture when he was a teenager, which was beginning at that time. He tried different domains of this underground culture, break-dance, rap, until he finally discovered that he had a vocation for graffitti. He then began to leaving his "blase" on the streets of Metz and became known as Soner, in memory of a dead friend who suggested this artistic name to him. More than the vandal spirit, it is aesthetics that he is interested in. This preference incited him to join a school of graphic design, to change support and to finally exhibit his pieces.

For the artist, the signature requires more work than one can imagined. His obssession with the signature led him to calligraphy. His style is influenced by Arabic calligraphy. His work as a graphic designer opened the doors to more contemporary sources of inspiration, because Soner paints according to his time, which gives a unique modern touch to his work. His pieces are unique for its delicacy, the subtlety in the choice of color, and the precision of the trait, which is the product of his vast experience, Besides this Soner is an expert in visual identity.

Indeed, a very creative artist as well as extremely professional, Sonner works as well for companies in search of a strong and original visual identity with his two companies and Caligrafizm In this field, Soner has the particularity of doing his logos by hand, voluntarily keeping a strong link with the world of crafts.
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