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Anne-Charlotte Marcadé

France Born in: 1970
Anne-Charlotte Marcadé developed an early fascination for photography, as it was her mother's profession. A former student of Jean Dieuzaide, Marcadé works in several jobs pertaining to communication, before devoting herself exclusively to photography. Due to her journey where she was enthralled by Burkina Faso, Anne Charlotte Marcadé joined the Friends' association and took pictures of their daily lives, their deprivation but also simple joys of life, behind their misery.

Her aesthetic style is influenced by Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand and Friedlander.

With humanistic momentum, Anne Charlotte immerses herself in these human relationships, filled with warmth and sincerity. Heritage and transmission are the main focus of her photography. "By traveling around, my demanding and modest eye made me meet unique people in their habitat...I try to be the person who is just passing by, looking and then contributes by giving sight. says the artist. She also adds on by saying: I have met wonderful people who combine infinite deprivation and extreme generosity. I tried to capture their moments of life, instinctively: all I felt was love, curiosity, interest and a lot of human warmth. They let go and didn't pass on judgments or show any restraint. Due to official constraints, the encounters were fleeting moments and unfortunately one didn't have enough time. I'll surely go back".

She works for a company which stages events and exhibits her work in major Parisian galleries.
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Anne-Charlotte Marcadé, Plongeoir, Photography

Anne-Charlotte Marcadé

Plongeoir, 2015
23.6 x 23.6 inch


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