Mariza Jonath

Born in: 1938

French Southern Territories


Mariza Jonath is a painter and sculptor.

She devoted herself to a scientific career until 1995, where she was responsible for quality checks in a pharmaceutical laboratory, before turning towards art. She began as a self-taught artist, before joining the Beaux-Arts workshops in Paris to learn painting, drawing and sculpting.

Mariza Jonath is fascinated by the power of material, and this aspect has a strong influence on her creation process. Indeed, she creates works on wood, plexiglass and aluminum and adds fiber optics and LED to bring light and movement. This aspect can also be seen in her sculptures.

The artist works with Jean-Pierre Querin, a specialist in lighting effects, to create sparkly works and due to this the piece lights up, when a spectator comes closer. This innovative game allows to create an immediate relationship between the painting and its observer.

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Mariza Jonath, Voyage, Painting

Mariza Jonath

Voyage, 2015
50 x 50 x 7 cm

1 300 €

Mariza Jonath, Tango, Painting

Mariza Jonath

Tango, 2015
100 x 100 x 6 cm

3 800 €

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