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Vernon Trent

Germany Born in: 1967
Vernon Trent was born in Romania in 1967. He currently resides in Düsseldorf, Germany. His exhibitions include European as well as United States venues.

Vernon Trent's artwork is the synergetic result of the the classic, experimental and conceptual photography combined with his modern view and the use of traditional photographic processes. He continues to work with film in a time when manufacturers slowly cease production. He gives us a depth and texture that we associate with earlier photography; at the same time we recognize his vision as distinctly modern.

Many photographers understand light; not all understand the nuances of darkness as Vernon Trent does. Many pieces of his work, with its voyeuristic perspective, show his mastery of dramatic shadowing. Sometimes the “wow” factor in his work is basic geometry: composition of lines that create subtle, multiple triangles or other shapes.

Vernon Trent evokes the qualities of the "New Wave Film" but with greater softness – such veiled light and warm shadow. This is what makes his work feel so vintage yet so contemporary all at the same time. The emotion his work conveys, captures the strength of the human heart in the face of life’s torments and losses. This emotional power, as much as his technical tour de force, makes him one of the most fascinating photographers working today.
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