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Nicolas Ritter

Germany Born in: 1985
Nicolas Ritter is a German artist born in 1985. In 2007, he began his studies in "visual communication" at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany. He joined the American agency David & Goliath in 2009 as the artistic director of communication.

All the works of Nicolas Ritter are based on the composition of an image with a strong, legible message, that isn't obvious at first glance. The artist created visual metaphors often humorous where the title comes into its own. Although his photographs are mostly a critique on modern society it is with cynicism and entertainment that the artist composes his images.

With his "The Social Network" series, the artist deals with social language and staging ordinary things on Facebook. The titles paired with his photographs and, the vocabulary of social networks that has succeeded in integrating into our everyday language create the meaning behind each piece. This critical photographer analyzes how social networks make every little thing a new major importance: people are transformed into images designed characters on a surreal artificial scene. Even if they are present on the same stage, none of the characters really interact with each other; they are all absorbed in their own little game. The virtual habitat of social network is simply replaced by a true local habitat to better speak of its absurdity.

Nicolas Ritter does not sanction social networks but delivers true image transparency - even in this scene - that we agree to make it public.
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