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Georg Bohle

Born in: 1977


Born in 1977, Georg Bohle is a German artist.

Georg Bohle sees the environment as a cultural metaphor that contextualizes its work. By removing textures and structures which were created by man in the landscape and reinterpreting them in a graphic manner, he creates series of vast imaginary landscapes.

Each drawing follows a specific methodology: beginning with a research period, Bohle studies his theme with the help of written and visual sources, he sometimes even conducts a field study when it's possible. He draws inspiration from these physical and cultural places, Georg Bohle creates a visual repertory of volumes, textures, objects and emblems and gives a whole new meaning to original landscapes.
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Georg Bohle, City Landscape 21, Drawing

Georg Bohle

City Landscape 21, 2015
42.9 x 70.5 x 2 inch


Georg Bohle, Landscape 25, Drawing

Georg Bohle

Landscape 25, 2017
15.7 x 21.3 inch


Georg Bohle, Landscape 24, Drawing

Georg Bohle

Landscape 24, 2016
28 x 43.7 inch


Georg Bohle, Landscape 26, Drawing

Georg Bohle

Landscape 26, 2017
16.9 x 26.8 inch


Georg Bohle, Landscape 23, Drawing

Georg Bohle

Landscape 23, 2016
55.9 x 42.5 inch


Georg Bohle, City 18, Drawing

Georg Bohle

City 18, 2014
39.4 x 68.1 x 2 inch


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