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Werner Berges

Born in: 1941


Famous artist

A big icon of the twentieth century German painting scene, Werner Berges was born in 1941 in Cloppenburg, Germany.

He started studying at the School of Fine Arts of Bremen from 1960 to 1963 and specialized in advertising and drawing. Later on, he moved to Berlin to take painting classes imparted at the School of Fine Arts from 1963 to 1968. It was during this course that he started working in figurative painting, which he will never quit.

Cy Trombly's work has influenced his own creations, but Werner Berges does not consider it as a direct influence.

It is in pop art, figurative art and advertising that the artist based his work. In that time, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol inundated the pop culture with their work. which was being quite sucessful. Werner Berges stands out from the rest thanks to his choice of subjects and the way he treats them. His favorite subjects are women, women's bodies and images of women which he glorifies and honors in his paintings. Prisoners of the advertising context, the artist emancipates them and place them in a new context.

Unlike Roy Lichtenstein, the artist plays on the reduction of forms instead of exagerating them. The female body is simplified and reduced to the status of silhouette. Figures mix with geometric shapes, rounded, mainly circles or bands of color. The countours can be replaced by successions of points.

Werner Berges has received numerous awards. In 1970 he obtained the prize of the Oldenburg Foundation, In 1981 the Regio Prize of the economy in Basel and he was then subsidized by the Djerassi Woodside in California in 1985. His works are exhibited all around the world but his work is specially present in Germany.
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Werner Berges, Face silver, Print

Werner Berges

Face silver, 2005
25.2 x 20.9 inch

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Werner Berges, Face orange, Print

Werner Berges

Face orange, 2005
25.2 x 20.9 inch

Sold out

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