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Annina Roescheisen

Born in: 1982


Annina Roescheisen was born in 1982 in Rosenheim, Germany. From German and Slovenian parents. The artist studied Art History, specializing in art, philosophy and medieval folklore, at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She currently lives and works between New York and Paris.

In 2006, She became part of the Auction House Sotheby's in Munich and then moved to Paris in 2008. Where she met several contemporary artist and worked with several art galleries. In 2012, the artist decided to devote herself solely to art. She was able to make two solo exhibitions in Paris in 2013, which were labeled successful.

Annina describes herself as a multimedia artist, she uses videos, photography and sculpture. One of her videos " What are you Fishing For?", was screened in 2015 at the Venise Biennale, at the European Pavilion.

She uses art as a way to break the codes of elitist thinking and to reinvent and improve the connection between man and art. Her work which combines iconography from the past, religious images and modernity, questions the notion of itself as a possible work of art. Annina creates visual metaphors illustrating the relationships between humans.
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Annina Roescheisen, La Pietà 2, Photography

Annina Roescheisen

La Pietà 2, 2013
59.1 x 39.4 x 0.4 inch

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