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Zsuzsa G. Heller

Born in: 1953


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Zsuzsa G. Heller's objects are to be valued both as architecture, living creatures, landscape or models of the universe. Sensual glaze surfaces, amorphous shapes and unusual colours (shades of pink, warm yellow, ambers, the colour of flesh and pearl) make these objects vibrant with life. As if they were unknown sea creatures with sharp spikes, from which they eject noxious poisons, while enthralling and fascinating with their exotic beauty. There is a spontaneous unity of grace, aggressiveness, appeal and possessiveness, softness and harshness in her works of art. Their sensuality depicts an exuberant riches and a variety of the organic world. They are contrastive poles put into a unique body as symbols of sensuality in Nature. - Dr. Lóránd Hegyi
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  • Sculpture

  • Sculpture Abstract

  • Hungarian Artist

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Few works remaining by Zsuzsa G. Heller

These are the last remaining works by Zsuzsa G. Heller.
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Hard and soft | group exhibition

Faur Zsófi Gallery

Hard and soft | group exhibition
From October, 12 To November, 13 2017

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