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Shibi Korwa

Born in: 1977


Translation in progress

Shibi Korka is an artist from the Hill Korva tribe living in India. Extracts from the catalogue of the « Bharat Bhavan museum Bhopal, 1983, J. SWAMINATHAN, director »: «… After establishing contact with the Hill Korwas of Badalarpat we gave them paper and color pens for drawing. Almost all of them started simultaneously without hesitation, without peeping over each other’s shoulders for inspiration or guidance, with a great sense of ease and confidence. I was expecting drawings of animals, birds, etc. or representation of anthropomorphic deities or even ritualistic drawings of “chowk”, etc. what came flowing out of their hands was so unexpected that I was startled out of my wits. The first thing immediately noticeable in these drawings is their calligraphic character, as if the artist is not drawing but writing. The Hill Korwas have no written script and all of them who did these drawings were illiterate. …When one looks at these drawings, one immediately thinks of Poul Klee’s dictum of taking the line for a walk. ...In fact, one stalwart Hill Korwa with his bow and arrows in one hand and the other on his hip remarked on the drawing he did “This is my report of our sufferings to the government”.
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Shibi Korwa, Magical Script, Painting

Shibi Korwa

Magical Script, 1995
22.8 x 17.7 inch


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Scripts as Afaka

galerie Anders hus

Scripts as Afaka
From October, 19 To November, 11 2017

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