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Alberto Biasi

Born in: 1937


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Alberto Biasi was born in 1937 in Padua, Italy. He currently lives and works in Padua, Italy.

Alberto Biasi is today considered a pioneer in the broader field of Kinetic Art. A founder of the groundbreaking Gruppo N during the 1960s, Biasi was one of the first artists to experiment on kinetic art with the illusory possibilities that can be created through the mix of traditional and non-traditional art materials in works that border between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality. Though the Gruppo N disbanded in 1967, Biasi has continued to explore the concepts that first intrigued the group during this period.

Explosions of vibrant color and astounding geometric precision, Biasi’s work explores optical effects through the use of pedestrian materials like PVC strips and painted designs. Through this technique, Alberto Biasi invites his viewer to challenge their sense of perception – a stationary work of art seems to vibrate by the very act of viewing. The beauty of Biasi’s work rests in this temporality of experience, in the works’ moment-to-moment dynamism. This dynamic quality is further emphasized by the strong angularity often found in these pieces.

Works by Biasi are to be found in the Modern Art Museum in New York, the Galleria Nazionale in Rome, the Hermitage in Saint Petesburg, the museums of Belgrade, Bolzano, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, Ciudad Bolivar, Epinal, Gallarate, Guayaquil, Livorno, Lodz, Ljubljana, Middletown, Padua, Prague, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Tokyo, Turin, Ulm, Venice, Waldenbuch, Wroclaw and Zagabria, and in numerous collections in Italy and other countries.
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Alberto Biasi, Distorsione, Painting

Alberto Biasi

Distorsione, 1976
10.2 x 10.2 inch


Alberto Biasi, Dinamica visiva S2, Print

Alberto Biasi

Dinamica visiva S2, 1970
21.3 x 21.3 inch


Alberto Biasi, Festa di Primavera, Painting

Alberto Biasi

Festa di Primavera, 1999
39.4 x 39.4 inch


Alberto Biasi, Fachiri, Painting

Alberto Biasi

Fachiri, 1990
13.8 x 20.9 inch


Alberto Biasi, Dinamiche Cangianti, Painting

Alberto Biasi

Dinamiche Cangianti, 1964
39.4 x 39.4 inch


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