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Carlotta Baldazzi

Italy Born in: 1971
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Carlotta Baldazzi, born in 1972 in Lugo (RA) and lives in Milan. "Figlia d'Arte", father painter and mother artist owner in the '70s of one of the first Milanese temples of vintage, Il Baule, meeting of artists and actors , where exhibitions of paintings and events are organized with great exponents of art, Guido Crepax, Baratella, Crociani, D'angelo and others. As a child, his favorite game was to draw, monsters, trees and fantasy figures. Undertake first and stylistic artistic studies then, which lead her, thanks to the legendary Anna Piaggi, to work in the fashion world (Missoni and Mila Shon).

Later, she will also work with Anna Fabiano and then in 2004 she decides to challenge his fate and, with only one hundred original items, he debuts courageously in one of the trendiest areas of Milan, successfully with his brand Dragoncella. In 2013, she abandoned fashion because she did not find the balance between the artistic and managerial aspects that the brand required. Reinterpreting his sketches in drawings that defuse a feminine, today too much plastered and homologated! The technique used is mixed (watercolor, pantone, acrylic, hand-painted paper labels, etc.) and the colors explode in all their vitality, from yellows, violets, fuchsia, oranges, with even phosphorescent shades. she exhibits his work on several occasions and also produces chairs covered in vintage silk.

Curious path that of Carlotta Baldazzi, daughter of art that is born professionally stylist, even successful, founding the brand Dragoncella and then decides to return to design, its undisputed love. The sketches, as an artist, take on a new role that is not to present the dress, but the idea of a woman who plays with the dress and in turn with her preconceived role as a model, a woman in a postcard , of doll. In this way Carlotta presents models that are broken down, with impractical poses, which abandon the plastic pose of the "figure" to look at each other in an ironic way. A meta-communication on fashion models from which Carlotta herself has distanced herself to look at a new woman.

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