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Vasco Ascolini

Born in: 1937



Vasco Ascolini was born May 10th, 1937, in Reggio Emilia, where he lives and works. He started his photograpy career in 1965.
From 1973 to 1990 he was the official photographer of the Municipal Theatre "Romolo Valli" in Reggio Emilia. His pictures of the theater entered in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, MOMA, New York (section Performing Arts), the Guggenheim Museum in New York and in several other museums's collections throughout the USA, Europe and others countries. The Museum of Photography of Mannheim, Germany conserves a series of theater photographies which are part of Helmut Gernsheim's personal collection.

In 1985 a major retrospective exhibition of his spectacle photographs was held at The Lincoln Center in New York. While continuing to publish and expose these images, he began in 1970 to photograph patrimony and architecture, always giving great importance to black and white, which characterized him already in theater photography. In the 80s, he received an institutional order for a photographic study of the city of Aosta. Each order was treated exclusively according to his own vision.

The text of Ernst H. Gombrich accompanying his images in the catalog of the exhibition of Aosta, was crucial. Vasco Ascolini had with him a big correspondence in their work, as he subsequently did with Gersheim, Aaron Scharf and Jacques Le Goff, other intellectuals who made a difference in his career.
The encounter of Michèle Moutashar will be determinant as well. By trusting him a photographic study of the city of Arles, which was exhibited in 1991 at the RIP, this exhibition offered him an international audience in his new photographic field. He received the medal of the city of Arles.

In 2000 Vasco Ascolini participated in the collective exhibition "D'Après l'antique" organized by The Louvre, which was for the first time exposing an exhibition of photography itself. In 2000 as well, he was named "Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters" by the Ministry of French Culture. In 2001, a thesis was devoted to his work by Daniele De Luigi, who is now a critic and historian of art and photography.

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Vasco Ascolini, Perzistenze 02, Photography

Vasco Ascolini

Perzistenze 02, 2000
49 x 37 cm

1 200 €

Vasco Ascolini, Perzistenze 04, Photography

Vasco Ascolini

Perzistenze 04, 2000
37 x 49 cm

1 200 €

Vasco Ascolini, Perzistenze 03, Photography

Vasco Ascolini

Perzistenze 03, 2000
49 x 37 cm

1 200 €

Vasco Ascolini, Paris, Musée des Armées, Photography

Vasco Ascolini

Paris, Musée des Armées, 1989
26 x 23 x 1 cm

2 200 €

Galerie Claude Samuel

From March, 9 To April, 9 2017
Paris - France

Galerie Vrais Reves

Il Maestro
From March, 12 To May, 7 2016
LYON - France

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