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Davide Boriani

Born in: 1936


Artiste célèbre


"Italian artist Davide Boriani was born in 1936; he was a member and founder of kinetic art collective "Gruppo T" with Grazia Varisco, Giovanni Anschechi, Gianni Colombo and Gabriele Devecchi.

His work is based on his experiments on the persistence of light on phosphorus and shows the environments of light as well as the disappearance of objects through manipulations. Faced to his work, the viewer has the possibility to become actor.

In 1970, he presented a perceptual environment at the Venice Biennial and in 2000 he designed of the lighting of the kinetic tower "Telepar de Curitiba" in Brazil.

Boriani has shown his work in numerous museums in Europe and the United States.

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  • Italian Artist

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Artiste célèbre

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