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Miki Wanibuchi

Born in: 1981


Emergent Artist

Miki Wanibuchi lives and works in Osaka, Japan. In 2012 he got an MA from the Arts University Bournemouth, UK; in 2004 he got his BFA from the Kindai University, Japan. He was awarded the 27th Holbein Scholarship (2012-2013). Qualification in 2005: Second Grade in Colour Coordination. By All Japan Fashion Teachers Inc. Miki Wanibuchi is a fine artist who pursues boundary lines. These boundary lines act like separative surfaces which distinguish themselves between one and the outside world, the inner and outer side of ourselves. It is an important aspect for her to depict it and to define herself and the world. She believes, as a result, it would serve as a trigger to truly know others when we realise the boundaries that could exist. The white surface is supposed to be the boundary which separates the viewer and the other side of the surface plane. It could act like separative surface which distinguishes itself between one and the outside world, the inner and outer side of ourselves. What they would see beyond it should be an accumulation of experiences, common knowledge and understanding, and the imagination acting on it. What the artist actually wants to communicate may not always be conveyed to the viewer. However, my art work allows each viewer to see it differently. Thus we need to understand the differences of people’s individual thoughts. We cannot help but be aware of individual differences which can act as a barrier when we try to understand others and the world. Because when we meet people and have individual experiences, we all might bring to this encounter our own biases, and one cannot take “common sense” for granted, because this could depend on one’s individual environment and experiences. When we realise this, however, She believes, as a result, it would serve as a trigger to truly know others and the way they perceive things, to understand the world and to lead us know more about ourselves as well. We enjoy enormous amounts of internet information through a touch screen these days. It sometimes makes me feel frightened of the attitude that we easily think as if we know the entire world. People seem to perceive this flood of information, which can be true or false, as a stimulus without thinking, but is it such a really easy thing to “know”? In her recent works, people may feel that they cannot find any detailed explanations in a painting, mostly covered with white, with the exception of a subtle hint of colour and texture, which emerges from the opening, underneath or edges of the canvas. The white surface represents that images and emotions of the artist are abandoned, because I have an intention to make the viewer perceive the physical aspect of paint and canvas. The subject matter is to allow the viewer to look closer at what’s in between the canvas as an object and the image the artist would like to communicate. Boundaries could exist there, and I would like the viewer to pay attention to it where the artist’s evidence is hidden. And, as a result, I would like the viewer to hone their thinking and imagination confronting this vagueness. Our senses would have been dulled these days, however, I believe silence in the painting leaves the viewer to pursue the meaning of the painting, their own aesthetic sense, and the world of themselves. And I feel we will find a power to gently heal the world when we pursue it.
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Miki Wanibuchi, Touch the bondary, South, Painting

Miki Wanibuchi

Touch the bondary, South, 2015
17.7 x 17.7 x 2 inch


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