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Farid Saleem Kamboh

Born in: 1990



Born in Kuwait, 1990. Lives and Work in London & Kuwait. In 2012 he got his Bachelor of Fine Arts and in 2011 he got a BA, Economics, Banking and International Finance.

Following the pioneers of the art movement "Institutional Critique" and evaluating its current consequent features, Farid Saleem Kamboh examines through his installations the real value of an art piece when being compared to its price and monetary value.

His work revolves around the following research and questions: what makes money valuable besides the faith to believe in its value? How could the international economy and its prevailing financial crises be demonstrated in terms of its exact physical state? Furthermore, the importance of money keeps growing and leads us to make some decisions in our lives, be it in our daily routine or major steps in life.

Every one experiences a different interaction with the various forms money can take on. Farid Kamboh studies the way people and society behave and how they use their currency bills (money) for purposes differing from its basic purchasing function and symbol of power.

Working on a series of flags made of real bills of different currencies currently used, the artist tries to establish a representation of the financial competition and of the economic race between the various economies worldwide and their consequent rise and fall.

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  • Kuwaiti Artist

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