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Lina Frangié

Born in: 1967



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About Lina Frangié
The collages are a real passion for the artist Lina Frangie since her earliest childhood.
Lina Frangie was born in Beirut, a political family: her uncle was the President of the Lebanese Republic from 1970 to 1976. At eight, She was uprooted to escape the dangers of war, and she arrived in Switzerland and began the Institute Le Rosey.
After a BA in Philosophy, Lina graduated in management and worked in banking. Through its Swiss-Lebanese cultures and travels, Lina evolved with the art that became her greatest passion.
Her first exhibition was in 2002. In 2005, She carries out works depicting 13 years of the Theodora Foundation. She created christmas trees and tables to charities like Action Innocence, Heart and for all Order of Malta, which are auctioned.
In November 2007 her exhibitions have become major art events: its openings at the Garage and the Intercontinental hotel in 2007 and in 2008 won a great success.

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Lina Frangié, Arbre de vie, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Arbre de vie, 2014
53 x 50 x 3 cm

€4 500

Lina Frangié, Petrus (Authentique), Drawing

Lina Frangié

Petrus (Authentique), 2015
53 x 76 x 8 cm

€18 000

Lina Frangié, Le temps qui passe, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Le temps qui passe, 2016
80 x 90 x 8 cm

€9 000

Lina Frangié, Oriental Jewellery, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Oriental Jewellery, 2016
78 x 88 x 8 cm

€9 000

Lina Frangié, Alpage de l'Oberland, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Alpage de l'Oberland, 2016
70 x 114 x 8 cm

€16 000

Lina Frangié, Erotica, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Erotica, 2015
73 x 98 x 5 cm

€12 000

Lina Frangié, Cigars Cohiba, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Cigars Cohiba, 2013
78 x 98 x 15 cm

€18 000

Lina Frangié, Barbie, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Barbie, 2014
120 x 140 x 6 cm

€8 000

Lina Frangié, Car Trash, Drawing

Lina Frangié

Car Trash, 2014
65 x 85 x 8 cm

€20 000

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