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Eric Kellerman

Born in: 1950



Eric Kellerman is a Briton who has lived near Nijmegen in the Netherlands for a very long time. In 2008, he retired from academic life to spend more time on photography. Specialising in the nude, he works almost entirely in the studio with a regular team of female collaborators, many of whom have a serious interest in movement (dance, acrobatics, yoga, martial arts). Sometimes, when nobody is available, he photographs vegetables and fruit out of desperation.

Kellerman considers his work to be distant, abstract, melancholic, ‘unerotic’, despite its subject matter. He emphasises line, geometrical form, texture, implicit movement, and above all, chiaroscuro. He likes to create ambiguity in his photos, so that the viewer is sometimes unsure what part of the body is being looked at. In this way, he attempts to free the female body of its conventional associations.

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  • Dutch Artist

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