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Joop Houthuijzen

Netherlands Born in: 1943

I was born in Haarlem on November 24, 1943. I currently live and work in Budel Dorplein.

After years of working as a maintenance technician, I have been practicing sculpture professionally since 1988. If I already had a great admiration for sculptures and sculptors, I actually discovered more or less the profession of sculptor during a drawing course I took at the Famous Artist School in Amsterdam.

I went further in sculpture, I made the profession mine. Actually, carving is not the right word, after all, that involves carving or carving in stone, and that is not the case with me. I am more of an image maker.

After an initial period with figurative clay sculptures, I grew more and more to become a manufacturer of plastics, in which elements of figurative form are alternated with more abstract form elements. The images are cast in bronze using the lost wax method.

By treating bronze with different acids, various patinas are obtained, which gives a very beautiful result: golden brown, blue green and black shades.

My favorite theme is women. I make plastic with the woman in a pose which is adopted in a more intellectual activity ("reflection", "hesitation", "reverie", "lost in thought"); on the other hand, images that refer more to emotional life: (“triumph", “boredom").

Parts of the figurative form are abstracted and made independent in decorative elements. In this way, the passage from figuration to abstraction occurs naturally. In addition, the two are in a good balance in the images.

We see a female figure or part of it and we see a more abstract symbolic representation of a facet, a glimpse of the indescribable feminine.

The more recent evolution of his images shows that space is taken in a more poetic way. It is no longer an image in space or surrounded by space. Space and spatiality are explicitly part of the image.

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In time for Christmas
Joop Houthuijzen, Fresh, Sculpture

Joop Houthuijzen

Fresh, 2017
40 x 10 x 6 cm

€ 900

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