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Malgorzata Rozmarynowska

Born in: 1955


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MA?GORZATA ROZMARYNOWSKA (born in 1955) She studied in the Public High School of Plastic Arts at the Department of Painting and Graphic and graduated in 1981 in Professor W?adys?aw Jackiewczi atelier. Individual and collective exhibitions in ?ód?, Sopot, Stockholm, Helsinki, New York, Brussels, Paris and Gdansk. “... once there was a beautiful world... And it was a world worth of being acquainted with. Every journey to beautiful worlds, every journey back to past or into non-existence is a hard and dangerous travel. From such an expedition one does not want or sometimes cannot come back. A guide is needed. Someone to guide us showing interesting things but also help in need. Ma?gorzata Rozmarynowska is that kind of helmsman. She sees everything. The world she welcomes us in is a strange, distressing and yet fascinating place. Jewish and non-Jewish towns that are long gone from our landscapes. And if they are, they ache like tooth gap or a soil burned out to the stone. It is a painful memory, which the mourning of clarinet of klezmer’s band will not deaden. Those little towns where everybody know, like and trust each other – they do tempt. The inhabitants are happy, though a slight shade of sadness appears on their faces. A mild sadness, as if they were sensing the end of their world. The ending that is an unknown future to them, and already a past to us. The pictures of Ma?gorzata Rozmarynowska stand straight on the edge of our reality and the memory of the times long gone.” Antoni Pawlak
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Malgorzata Rozmarynowska, Husband's Shirt, Painting

Malgorzata Rozmarynowska

Husband's Shirt, 2015
25.6 x 21.3 inch


Malgorzata Rozmarynowska, The struggle between good and evil, Painting

Malgorzata Rozmarynowska

The struggle between good and evil, 2012
21.3 x 25.6 inch


Malgorzata Rozmarynowska, Girl with pompons, Painting

Malgorzata Rozmarynowska

Girl with pompons, 2012
25.6 x 21.3 inch


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