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Marek Kamienski

Born in: 1958



Marek Kamienski is a Polish painter born in 1958. He studied graphic design and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Krakow, and graduated in 1979. He worked for the magazines "Exit" and "Opcje". He is considered by the critics as the avant-gardist of the 80s and the creator of the "New Expression".

In his work, women play a main role. She is the source of inspiration for the artist, the pretext for his artistic creation. The artist particularly likes painting nudes, which he treats in a contemporary and original way. To his treatment of the female body he adds a dialogue with the pieces of artist such as Mztejko, De Siemiradzki, and Van Gogh.

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Marek Kamienski, Nude, Painting

Marek Kamienski

Nude, 2004
90 x 110 cm

3 200 €

Marek Kamienski, Nude, Painting

Marek Kamienski

Nude, 2000
140 x 100 cm

1 800 €

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