Peter Mammes

Born in 1986 - South Africa


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Peter Mammes is a South African contemporary artist born in 1986.

Self-taught, he gets his inspiration from his numerous journeys around the world which punctuated his career.
Among his most significant on the artistic plan journeys, an extended stay in Moscow, Russia, allowed Peter Mammes to produce an important series of works influenced by Stalinist period, Soviet Union's history and Russian culture.
Another memorable life experience, took place in Varanasi, India, where the sights of open-air cremations and ceremonies in this city of the death, profoundly affected the artist and had a lasting impact on his artworks.

With around thirty personal and collective exhibitions, as well as numerous participations in fairs of contemporary art in Johannesburg, South Africa, the singular artist feeds besides - through a collection of medical instruments, objects and vestiges of the war - a fascination and a big passion for the museums of medical sciences and the museums of the war which transcend and impregnate each of his artworks.

Every Petter Mammes artwork consists of different subjects, which together, deliver a plural and ambivalent message inviting the spectator on reflection in a macabre and sinister atmosphere; the main idea of the artist being to find of the beauty in the ugliness.
Images of death, war, drama and oppression on the background of multiple ideas and historical facts represent Peter Mammes's outline artistic objective, which tries to make get through his art a shape of subversion and to present complex subjects in a simple and stratified way. " For a long time I am passionate about historical and social narratives. I try and subvert traditional narratives by the juxtaposition of multiple images and patterns, and play with the idea of the complexity. I work with a paintbrush and ink because of the variations in line, I try and keep everything simple in a complex manner, or complex in a simple manner, and the drawing in several layers, is the key of my process of creation. I believe that the grotesque can be beautiful and I create drawings which underline nonsense and are conceived to put the spectators uncomfortable. My artworks are nuanced, and do not depict a single idea. I leave mystery for spectators to decide what is the narrative ", the artist says.

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Expositions Personnelles

•Fried Contemporary // Pretoria // 2016
•Gallery F/ Luvey and Rose// Cape town// 2016
•Lizamore and associates // Johannesburg // March 2016
• Nirox project room // Johannesburg // October 2014
• Room // Johannesburg // July 2014
• Johannesburg Art Gallery // Johannesburg // May to September 2011 • Arts on main // Johannesburg // January to February 2011
• Art-icle Showcase // Johannesburg // July 2010
• Bamboo gallery // Johannesburg // February 2010

Expositions Collectives et Foires d'Art


•Art Africa art fair // Cape town // 2017 •Cape town art fair// Cape town // 2017 • Moore gallery // Franchhoek // 2017


•Clash at the Bagfactory // Johannesburg//2016 •Creator/curator at Absa Gallery// Johannesburg// 2016 •Skulls at Fried contemporary// Pretoria// 2016 •Remain(s) at DF Contemporary // Cape town // 2016 •Turbine art fair// Johannesburg // 2016
•Art room // Johannesburg // 2016
•Curiositas at Agog gallery // Johannesburg // 2016
•KKNK Festival// Oudshoorn // 2016
•Basha Uhuru festival at Constitution Hill// Johannesburg // 2016 •1 Eloff street // Johannesburg // 2016
•Performing Wo/Man at Oliewenhuis gallery // Bloemfontein // 2016 •ZERO at SOMA// Johannesburg // 2016
•Death and Taxes at Fried Contemporary // 2016
•Fifteen hundred at No End gallery // Johannesburg // 2016 •Cavalli wine estate // Somerset West // 2016


•Die Burger 100 years of publication at Artscape Theatre Centre // Cape town// 2015 •The art room // Johannesburg // 2015
•Transitions at the Transvaal Post office // Johannesburg // 2015
•Cross section at The Transvaal Post office // Johannesburg // 2015
•Macabre at Underculture Contemporary // Port Elizabeth // 2015 •Revamp at Priest // Johannesburg // 2015
•Twillsharp //Johannesburg // 2015
•No End Gallery // Johannesburg //2015
•Atelier art competition // Johannesburg // 2015 •That Art fair // Cape Town // 2015
•The fringe art fair // Johannesburg // 2015 •Cabinets of curiosity // Capetown // 2015 •Turbine art fair // Johannesburg// 2015 •Cavalli Wine estate // Somerset West// 2015 •Fetish at Artec // Port Elizabeth // KKNK 2015 •Dirt at Rubixcube // Johannesburg // 2015


•Diedericks/Faber fine art // Cape Town // July 2014
•Rubixcube at arts on main// Johannesburg // 2014 •Lizamore and associates // Johannesburg // 2014 • Carol Lee Bamboo // Johannesburg // 2014


• Salon 91// Cape Town // 2013


• Artspace gallery // Johannesburg // 2012


• Thompsons gallery // Johannesburg // 2011
• Main street life // Johannesburg // 2011
• PostBox magazine launch at Arcade Empire // Pretoria // 2011 • Pandora Art House // Pretoria // 2011


• Carol Lee Bamboo // Johannesburg // 2010


• Moja modern gallery // Johannesburg // 2007 • Anton van Wouw museum // Pretoria // 2007 • Boeing gallery // Pretoria // 2007


• Carfax // Johannesburg // 2006

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