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Sixe Paredes

Born in: 1975


Sergio Hidalgo Paredes, aka Sixe Paredes, is a Spanish contemporary artist born in San Andres, Barcelona in 1975. His colorful paintings, rich in sensitivity, are a balanced mix of abstract and figurative art, a universe endowed with vivid shapes and symbols, depicting simplicity and complexity at the same time. Sixe Paredes, formerly known as Sixeart, started scrawling his name on the walls of his native Barcelona, in the late ’80s, when graffiti was still new in Spain. Despite lacking a formal artistic training, he decided to add a paintbrush and canvas to his usual tools, leading to great effect. In the mid-90s he also developed his multidisciplinary talents in the fields of sculpture and studio painting. Incorporating signs that leads the viewer into his imaginary world inspired by the urban landscape, the city’s melancholy and the romanticism for the world that’s left behind, Sixe’s approach is full of bright, bold bursts of color and geometric patterns which depict the primordial life of ancestors. All in his signature Surrealist style, much like the street art for which Sixe is famed, his works merge tradition and modernity. His psychedelic multicolored abstractions are like the images lost in the passage of time, powerful compositions depicting ancient creatures and fictitious ancestors.
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Sixe Paredes, Untitled #1, Painting

Sixe Paredes

Untitled #1, 2016
39.4 x 27.6 inch


Sixe Paredes, Dimensiones, Painting

Sixe Paredes

Dimensiones, 2016
63.8 x 51.2 inch

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