Juan Ripolles

Born in: 1932



Juan Ripollès, Spanish artist been born in 1932, display under our eyes a universe singular, poetic and colored in thousand faces. Inspired by the human face and the nature, he exercises his talent with a big diversity of techniques (painting, sculpture, engraving) and of materials (bronze, glass, resin, industrial painting).

The visible naivety of its works lets perceive the character of the artist: idealist, independent and revolutionary. Orphan from his youngest age, he works during his childhood to feed the rest of the family, and it is, accidentally, in the workshop of an industrial painter that he discovers the painting and appropriates it. Self-taught in his early years, he attends then the class course of drawing proposed by the institute Ribalta of the city of Castellon to perfecting himself.

"The art, it is to humanize the horror's experiments" Ripollès, TVE, on 1997."

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