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Oksana Yambykh

Born in: 1966



Oksana Yambykh is a French painter of Ukrainian origin, born in 1966 in Poltava. After her art studies in Ukraine, Oksana came to France at the age of 26. She joined at first Art’partage, then the Figuration Critique in 2005. She joined the Narro group in 2007, her career went international and she today she shows her work regularly in Paris and in Europe.

Oksana Yambykh paints with her soul... Her work is inhabited by poetry, sweetness, innocence, serenity and a dream-like atmosphere. Her paintings draw you in, one has to enter them, dive in and discover that each of them holds other paintings inside. Oksana's works take you to a fairy-like landscape, which is slightly unreal. So many details can be found in each canvas that every one of them is in itself a "Mostra". It would be a game for the visitor to look for and count the subjects... but beware! they are in abundance in every sense.

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In time for Christmas
Oksana Yambykh, Glissade, Drawing

Oksana Yambykh

Glissade, 2013
100 x 100 x 7 cm

€4 000

In time for Christmas
Oksana Yambykh, Vide nacré, Sculpture

Oksana Yambykh

Vide nacré, 2014
170 x 110 x 7 cm

€20 000

In time for Christmas
Oksana Yambykh, Orange mécanique, Painting

Oksana Yambykh

Orange mécanique, 2013
120 x 120 x 5 cm

€12 000

In time for Christmas
Oksana Yambykh, L'étoile - 1, Sculpture

Oksana Yambykh

L'étoile - 1, 2013
20 x 20 x 3 cm


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