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Mark Jenkins

Born in: 1970

United States

Mark Jenkins is an American artist born in 1970 in Fairfax.

Mark Jenkins fills the city with life-size sculptures. A real expert in scenography, he creates troubling encounters between his models and the passers-by. He seeks to question, provoke or disturb with sculptures whose attitudes and movements have an striking resemblance with that of a human being. Installed in public spaces, his punchy and unusual stagings of human clones do not fail to arouse amusement, anxiety or even shock.

He consideres that the reaction of the people is an integral part of the life cycle of his pieces. He tries to create a social experiment with its alteration of reality. But what is a woman doing on the top of that building? and that man lying in a puddle, or the colored balloons floating above him? Mark Jenkins' hyperrealistic installations are spectacular in their ability to make us hesitate between fiction or reality.

Mark Jenkins has installed his sculptures in big international cities such as; New York, Rome, Philadelphia, Washington DC etc.
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Mark Jenkins, Chosen Prey, Sculpture

Mark Jenkins

Chosen Prey, 2019
52 x 27 x 36 inch


Mark Jenkins, Rolo, Sculpture

Mark Jenkins

Rolo, 2019
12 x 44 x 41 inch


Mark Jenkins, Past and Future, Sculpture

Mark Jenkins

Past and Future, 2019
54 x 20 x 14 inch


Mark Jenkins, Level Up, Sculpture

Mark Jenkins

Level Up, 2019
42 x 54 x 26 inch


Few works remaining by Mark Jenkins

These are the last remaining works by Mark Jenkins.
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Mark Jenkins : From Here to Nowhere

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Mark Jenkins : From Here to Nowhere
From November, 1 To November, 23 2019