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Andres Serrano

Born in: 1950

United States

Famous artist

Andres Serrano is known and acknowledged for his cutting tone, his anticlerical position (author of "Crucifix" immersed in urine) or by his uncompromising prints on torture. Born in 1950 in New York, the photographer is of Afro-Cuban and Honduran origin. He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art school, the young man turned towards photography and defined himself to be an artist, from all angles.

He draws his inspiration through iconoclast Marcel Duchamp. Théodore Géricault nourishes his creations, like his photo series "The Morgue" testify. Andres Sarrano is fascinated by death and focuses on the details of the corpses bodies.

He uses his photos to decipher social problems and probes the notions, pertaining to religion and sex. Andres Serrano triggers emotions in the political scene, on the extreme right and in the Catholic world. However, his photo "Piss Christ" triggered violent and polemic reactions in USA. On 17th April 2011, one of his works was vandalized by UMP parliamentarians in the Lambert collection. Some years later, in 2007, several of his creations went through the same thing in a Swedish art gallery in Lundl, by a group of Neo-Nazis. They didn't understand the reflection behind the provocation. With a momentum of humanism, Andres Serrano puts the men of the shadows in the limelight, through his portraits of the homeless, who he calls "nomad", "resident" or "inhabitant", with respect. He also presents the one who is no longer presented: Trump. An out of sync and undermined look.

"I use photo just like a painter uses his canvas" says the artist.

Andres Serrano did his first exhibition in 1985, a long dedication to the four corners of the world. Recently, maison de la photographie in Paris dedicated a retrospective to him, following the one from Barbican Arts Center of London in 2001, or the Lambert collection in 2006. He received a grant by the National Endowment for the Arts Grants. Several books decipher the work of the artist by renowned critics, like Daniel Arasse «The Morgue », 1993 or « Andres Serrano, Le sommeil de la surface » in Actes sud.
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Andres Serrano, Heaven and Hell, Photography

Andres Serrano

Heaven and Hell, 1984
33 x 45 x 1 inch


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