Andres Serrano

Born in 1950 - United States


Andres Serrano is known and acknowledged for his cutting tone, his anticlerical position (author of "Crucifix" immersed in urine) or by his uncompromising prints on torture. Born in 1950 in New York, the photographer is of Afro-Cuban and Honduran origin. He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art school, the young man turned towards photography and defined himself to be an artist, from all angles.

He draws his inspiration through iconoclast Marcel Duchamp. Théodore Géricault nourishes his creations, like his photo series "The Morgue" testify. Andres Sarrano is fascinated by death and focuses on the details of the corpses bodies.

He uses his photos to decipher social problems and probes the notions, pertaining to religion and sex. Andres Serrano triggers emotions in the political scene, on the extreme right and in the Catholic world. However, his photo "Piss Christ" triggered violent and polemic reactions in USA. On 17th April 2011, one of his works was vandalized by UMP parliamentarians in the Lambert collection. Some years later, in 2007, several of his creations went through the same thing in a Swedish art gallery in Lundl, by a group of Neo-Nazis. They didn't understand the reflection behind the provocation. With a momentum of humanism, Andres Serrano puts the men of the shadows in the limelight, through his portraits of the homeless, who he calls "nomad", "resident" or "inhabitant", with respect. He also presents the one who is no longer presented: Trump. An out of sync and undermined look.

"I use photo just like a painter uses his canvas" says the artist.

Andres Serrano did his first exhibition in 1985, a long dedication to the four corners of the world. Recently, maison de la photographie in Paris dedicated a retrospective to him, following the one from Barbican Arts Center of London in 2001, or the Lambert collection in 2006. He received a grant by the National Endowment for the Arts Grants. Several books decipher the work of the artist by renowned critics, like Daniel Arasse «The Morgue », 1993 or « Andres Serrano, Le sommeil de la surface » in Actes sud.

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One Person Exhibitions

2004 "America", Galleria Photology, Milano, Italy (01/31/04 - 04/03/04)

2003 "America," Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (12/10/03-1/17/04)

"Orizzonti – Belvedere dell’Arte", Firenze Mostre, Florence, Italy (07/07/03 – 10/26/03)

"Works 1985-2002", Andre Simoens Gallery, Belgium (4/20-4/27,2003)

"Ekthesi Photographias", Kalfayan Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, (03/03-)

"A History of Sex", 5th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival-Images of the 21st Century, Greece, (March 2003)

"America", Chac Mool Gallery, Los Angeles (01/17/03 – 02/01/03)

2002 Body and Soul," Traveling Exhibition, MEO, Budapest, Hungary (Az idö és a gonosz helye) (2/9 – 3/10/02)

"Andres Serrano," Reali Arte Contemporarea, Brescia, Italy, Feb 2002.

"Andres Serrano’s Via Crucis," Ex Church S. Marta/Rome, (10/3-10/13/02).

"America," Gimpel Fils, London, England (10/25 – 11/30/02)

2001 World Without End," The Cathedral of Saint John The Divine, New York, NY (2/28 – 4/15/01)

"The Beauty of Evil (De Schoonheid van het Kwaad)," De Zonnehof, Center for Modern Art, Amersfoort, Netherlands (10/14/01-4/14/2002)

"Objects of Desire," Andre Simoens Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium (04/13 – 05/21/01)

"The Interpretation of Dreams," Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (5/12 – 6/8)

"The Interpretation of Dreams," Photology, Milano, Italy (9/20 – 11/17/01)

"The Interpretation of Dreams," Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (10/25 – 12/8/01)

"Body and Soul," The Barbican (The Curve), London (10/4 – 12/23/01)

"Andres Serrano: La Interpretación de los Sueños," Juana de Aizpuru Gallery, Madrid, Spain, (opens 11/8/01)

2000 "Body and Soul," Traveling Exhibition, Bergen Art Society, Bergen, Norway (2/24/00 -3/19/00); Rogaland Kunst Museum, Stavanger, Norway (4/26/00 - 5/21/00); Tromsø Art Society, Tromsø, Norway (6/8/00 - 8/13/00); Stenersenmusett, Olso, Norway (8/21/00 - 10/15/00); Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland (11/1/00 - 12/31/00); Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania (1/01 - 2/01); Ludwig Foundation, Aachen, Germany (3/01 - 4/01); Barbican Art Center, London, England (10/01 - 12/01)

"Andres Serrano," Galerie Edition Kunsthandel/20.21, Essen, Germany (9/9 - 11/18/00)

1999 "Andres Serrano" David Perez-MacCallum Arte Contemporaneo, Guayaquil, Ecuador (1/20 - 2/12/99)

"Andres Serrano: Immersions & Fluid Abstractions" Andre Simoens Gallery, Knokke-Heist, Belgium (8/6/99 -9/6/99)

1998 "Andres Serrano: A Survey" Ron Judish Fine Arts, Denver, Colorado (10/24-12/12/98)

"Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Photology, Milan, Italy (9/15-11/10/98),

Photology, London, England (5/28-7/17/98)

"Andres Serrano: ‘Red’" Baumgartner Galleries Inc, Washington, DC (6/18 - 7/15/98)

"A History of Andres Serrano" Horsens Museum of Modern Art, in cooperation with the Groninger Museum, The Netherlands (3/14/ - 5/24/98)

"Andres Serrano: Fluids" Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris (4/25 - 5/30/98)

"Andres Serrano: Selected Photographs 1987-1996" Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, Washington (1/8-2/1/98)

"Andres Serrano: Early Works" Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2/6 - 3/4/98)

"Andres Serrano" Galeria 1991-Joao Graca, Lisbon (1/17 - 2/28/98)

1997 "Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Ugo Ferranti, Rome (10/15 - 11/29/97)

"Andres Serrano" National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia (10/10 - 10/12/97)

"Andres Serrano" Kirkcaldy Galleries, Melbourne, Australia (10/10 - 11/30/97)

"Andres Serrano" Quintana Gallery, Coral Gables, FL (9/5 - 10/7/97)

"Andres Serrano: Natives + History of Sex", Artcore Gallery, Toronto (9/6 -9/30/97)

"Andres Serrano" PROA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (7/12 - 8/30/97)

"Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (3/1 - 4/12/97)

"Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (5/7 - 6/19/97)

"Andres Serrano: Fluids, The Klan" Lydmar Hotel, Stregatan, Sweden (5/7 - 6/19/97)

"Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (3/1-4/12//97)

"Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris (1/11-2/18/97)

"Andres Serrano" Galeria Juana des Aizpuru, Madrid (1/29-2/29/97); Seville (5/15 - 6/20/97)

"A History of Andres Serrano: A History of Sex" Groninger Museum, The Netherlands (2/21-5/21/97)

1996 "Andres Serrano" Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia (10/17 - 11/10/96)

"Andres Serrano" Galerie Dante, Umag, Croatia (8/12 - 9/15/96)

"Andres Serrano: Large Scale Photographs" Jan Weiner Gallery, Kansas City, MO (9/6-10/31/96)

"Andres Serrano" Mokka, Reykjavik, Iceland (6/3 - 7/8/96)

"Andre Serrano" Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezula (3/10 - 4/28/96)

"Andres Serrano" Port de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (4/26 - 6/31/96)

"Andres Serrano: From A Southern Perspective" UCA Baum Gallery of Fine Art, Conway, Arkansas (4/21 - 5/10/96)

1995 Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Köln (11/12/95-1/12/96)

"Andres Serrano: Budapest" Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli (11/95)

"Andres Serrano: The Morgue" Ugo Ferranti, Rome, March 1995

Portfolio, Edinburgh, Scotland (8/12 - 9/23/95)

David Floria Gallery, Woody Creek, CO (3/3-30/95)

"Andres Serrano: Works 1983-93," travels to: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (1/27 - 4/9/95); Center for the Fine Arts, Miami (5/6 -7/30/95); Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston (9/30 - 11/26/95); Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (12/9/95 - 2/4/96); Malmö Konsthall, Sweden (3/30 - 5/19/96)

1994 "Andres Serrano: Works 1983-93," Institute for Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (11/10/94-1/15/95), travelling

"The Morgue," Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal (10/20/94 - 1/8/95)

"Budapest," Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (10/1/94 - 100/26/94)

"Budapest," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris (9/17/94 - 10/29/94)

"The Morgue," Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (9/1/94 - 10/8/94)

Galerija Dante Marino Cettina, Umag, Croatia (7/16/94 - 8/25/94)

Alfonzo Artiaco, Naples (1/94 - 2/94)

"The Church Series," Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (2/8/94 - 2/19/94)

Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland (1/17/94 - 2/23/94), travelled to: Moderna Galerija Ljubliana, Slovenia (3/1/94 - 3/31/94); Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria (5/7/94 -6/19/94)

Grand-Hornu, Hornu, Belgium (2/11/94 - 3/27/94)

1993 "Selected Works: 1986-1992," Feigen Inc., Chicago (11/19/93 - 1/9/94)

"The Morgue," Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (1/23/93 - 2/20/93)

1992 "The Morgue," Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris (10/17/92 - 11/18/93), travelled to: La Tete d'Obsidienne, Fort Napoleon, la Seyne-sur-Mer, France (3/20/93 - 4/93); Palais du Tau, Reims (5/5/93 - 5/30/93); Grand Hornu, Mons, Belgium (1/94 - 2/94)

Institute of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Holland

Zone Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, U.K.

1991 Saatchi Museum, London, U.K.

Gallery Via 8, Tokyo, Japan

"Nomads," Denver Museum of Art, Denver, CO

"KKK Portraits," University of Colorado at Boulder

Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston

Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen, Denmark and Galleri Riis, Oslo, Norway

Seibu, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Yvon Lambert, Paris

1990 Stux Gallery, New York

Gallery Cellar, Nagoya, Japan

Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta

BlumHelman Gallery, Santa Monica

Gallery Hibbel, Tokyo, Japan

The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

1989 Stux Gallery, New York

1988 Stux Gallery, New York

Greenberg/Wilson Gallery, New York

1987 Galerie Hufkens-Noirhomme, Brussels, Belgium

1986 "The Unknown Christ," Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York

1985 Leonard Perlson Gallery, New York

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Andres Serrano

Heaven and Hell

83.8 x 114.3 x 2.5 Cm

103 075 €
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