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George Condo

United States Born in: 1957 Famous artist

George Condo was born in 1957 in Concord, USA and is a key figure of American painting. He lives and works in New York.His career began by working at Andy Warhol's factory.

George Condo is influenced by Vemàsquez, David, Picasso, Bacon, Dali, Pollock…but creates unique figurative abstract art. He discovered traditional European art during his studies in Germany and this influenced his work. Cubism mixed with American pop culture. He became friends with artists from the Beat Generation, but also with painters like Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat or even Julian Schnabel.

He does portraits, vanities, still life, sculpture and collages...Recently he created a series of portraits, as a tribute to jazz musicians. The artist defines his art as « artificial realism », « a realistic representation of the artificial ». George Condo dismantles bodies and shapes up surrealistic and playful figures. Schizophrenia hovers over these beings, hinted with irony. Emotions are glorified and are on the verge of worrisome clown-like figures. Sexuality is also intensified. The craziness of beings isn't toned down but emanates from these bodily breakdowns.

Felix Guattari talks about him " in short, you re-invent modern art, rather than completely deny it. As you "take action" subconsciously, you depict painting as an innovative production process of subjectivity, and prove that it is still possible, provided you capture the essence at the initial stage".

"My main desire is to banish any sort of bland tasks of everyday life: the ones that cling on to you like bats, until the last minute, on the blank canvas(...). Representing "this" like "this" is victory" claims the artist.

George Condo did his first personal exhibition in 1983. His works are part of several prestigious places and have been acquired by several private collections. He signed a disconcerting portrait of the queen at the Tate Modern in London. He has participated in key events: biennials, fairs...he works with several artistic personalities...He mainly illustrated Kanye West's « la belle et sombre fantaisie tordue »

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George Condo, Untitled, Drawing

George Condo

Untitled, 1985
17 x 12 inch


Our recommendations George Condo, More sketches of Spain - For Miles Davis 6, Print

George Condo

More sketches of Spain - For Miles Davis 6, 1991
27.2 x 30.3 inch


George Condo, More Sketches of Spain - for Miles Davis, Print

George Condo

More Sketches of Spain - for Miles Davis, 1991
51.2 x 38.2 inch


George Condo, More Sketches of Spain - for Miles Davis, Print

George Condo

More Sketches of Spain - for Miles Davis, 1991
52 x 38.2 inch

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