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James Rosenquist

United States Born in: 1933 Famous artist

James Rosenquist is an artist, born in 1933 in U.S.A.

Encouraged by his mother, who is herself a painter, he headed towards an artistic course. He received a scholarship in high school which allowed him to study at Minneapolis School of Art, before joining the Minnesota University and studying there from 1952 until 1954. At the age of 21, he received another scholarship, and it gave him the opportunity to join the Art Students League and live in NYC.

During the 60's, he shared a studio with the artist Charles Hinman. Previously, he become famous for his career as an advertising painter, whose work is visible at the heart of New York. He created large formats with sparkling colors, an iconography which he uses later on.

When he decided to become a fully-fledged painter, he did advertising, his number one source of inspiration, conserving his large formats and shades of appealing colors in his paintings, while addressing the political and cultural context those days. The American pop art found one of its prominent figures in him.

In 2003, the Guggenheim foundation devoted a retrospective to him, the most important one dedicated to the artist.

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James Rosenquist, Israel Flag at the Speed of Light, Print

James Rosenquist

Israel Flag at the Speed of Light, 2006
16.1 x 12.2 inch

$ 3,500

James Rosenquist, Cliff Hanger, Print

James Rosenquist

Cliff Hanger, 1978
22 x 40 inch

$ 3,000

James Rosenquist, Federal Spending, Print

James Rosenquist

Federal Spending, 1978
22.5 x 40 inch

$ 3,000

James Rosenquist, Gift Wrapped Doll, Print

James Rosenquist

Gift Wrapped Doll, 1993
30.1 x 28.6 inch

$ 4,445

James Rosenquist, Paris Review, Print

James Rosenquist

Paris Review, 1967
32 x 32 inch

$ 2,500

James Rosenquist, Somewhere, Print

James Rosenquist

Somewhere, 1981
33.9 x 32.7 x 0.1 inch

$ 1,852

James Rosenquist, Circles of Confusion, Print

James Rosenquist

Circles of Confusion, 1965
29 x 24 inch

$ 3,449

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