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Carlos Rojas

Venezuela Born in: 1965
Translation in progress

Carlos Rojas was born in Mochima, a small fisherman's village on the shore of the Caribbean in Venezuela; his paintings reflect a careful inquiry of the region's characters, customs and traditions as well as the painter's restless wanderings from one city to another and his never ending switch between many different cultures. (America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa).

As though he wishes to leave behind evidence of the trail he has gone, he keeps discovering cities and people through something that identifies them, a thing which, however important, unusual or banal it may be, in his hands acquires some unexpected importance when turned into art.

We observe in his works his introspection that leads to authenticity, his devotion to a unique simplicity in his paintings, his richness in colour that falls short of space and travels on beyond the frame that's part of the painting, where the inspiration, now that of a poet, is carried on to explain with simple words the essence of the mould, what it represents, whatever seemingly insignificant detail it may transpire, that only the eye of the gifted artist perceives and turns into the centre of a piece of art.

All of this takes places in a never-ending search for materials and textures. Another sign of originality are the stamps, the big ones alluding to the theme interpreted, the small ones to classify the piece of art. His works can be found in private collections and galleries in Venezuela, France, Spain, the USA and other countries.

Colour, Caribbean power, and poetic realism: welcome to Latin esthetics of the other America.

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