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Cyril Aouizerate

Founder of MOB hotels

Artsper met Cyril Aouizerate, founder of MOB hotels, a new boutique hotel concept. Hospitality, community and innovation are at the heart of this project where the customer experience is radically different. Cyril Aouizerate talked about his contemporary art and his favourite artists

Artsper: What is your relationship to contemporary art?

Cyril: To be honest, for a long time I more or less hated contemporary art. I saw it as a capitalist attempt to "market" the relationship to the creative and the imaginary through a falsely insolent discourse. Then I decided not to fall into a dogmatic interpretation and I discovered during many travels that there were remarkable individuals working in contemporary art.

Artsper: What is the last exhibition that you felt really had an impact on you?

Cyril: I was moved to tears by the discovery of the work of Ceija Stojka during the exhibition organized at the Maison Rouge. I am very sensitive to the subjects she addresses in her work and I can also see the important influences of artists such as Soutine and Van Gogh ...

Artsper: Your favourite place to see art?

Cyril: The street, roads ... it is everyday reality that the artistic perfection of the world can be detected. I am a son of typographer, and I’ve always have trouble with certain cultural institutions and the art world. My father was my favourite artist. This is probably why I don’t feel at home in places art places ... even if I make efforts not to be a slave to a social determinism. I progress. I’m trying to improve ... I’ll get there!

Artsper: Which artist would you love to spend an evening with?

Cyril: Without hesitation Ernest Pignon Ernest. His work, his commitment, his ethics, his awareness of the "street" all impress me. To state it in a direct way, he cannot be compared to some narcissists of today, these "fast thinkers" of "street art" (who also don’t really know the streets) don’t hold a candle to him. 

Artsper: You’re collaborating with the designer Philippe Starck, is there an artist you’d like to work with as well?

Cyril: Yes, and I've already talked to him about collaborating. I’d really like to get a chance to work with the sculptor Christophe Charbonnel. I really fell backwards in discovering his work, his simplicity, his universe very extensive.

Artsper: In your opinion, how important is creativity and art when creating a living space or a common space?

Cyril: Absolutely essential. I draw on poetry, literature, music, painting ... the questions that help me feel what we have to share with our traveling human brothers and sisters. A hotel is a beginning and an end. It must encourage a questioning of the world. Only art or gazing up at the starts allow us to get closer to an understanding of our world and the meaning of life. 

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