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Stencil Power

Paris From July 2, 2020 to September 30, 2020

“Stencil Power” Artist-Worker exhibition - Guy Denning - Miss Tic - Monkeybird - Nick Walker From June 25, 2020 to August 29, 2020 “Image, my only, my only passion. »Charles Baudelaire A unique passion far from being it, in truth, shared by many artists across time and space. The stencils represent a category of artists whose apprehension of the image, particularly sensitive, is singular, hence our desire to offer you a selection in our new exhibition: “Stencil Power”. The stencil technique has survived the millennia while remaining the vector of strong messages, from the traces of hand in pigments blown in the caves of Prehistory, symbol of a passage on earth, to the expressions of the different commitments of artists that the one finds today on paper, on canvas and, of course, at the bend of a street, on a wall or a corner of sidewalk. Because the stencil occupies a preponderant place in street art, flourishing in the urban space with the freedom of the air, allowing to deliver - and in the eyes of all - a message to the rapid and effective implementation. Notwithstanding, it goes without saying, a meticulous and preliminary cut of the stencils - in addition to the only reflection as for the information to convey. The stencil and its cutting by hand are inevitably an integral part of the work, irrefutable proof of the artist's dexterity; in our view, this part of creation greatly confers its value on the final work. Some stencils today prefer to manual cutting, the speed and precision of the machine, the laser, which in our opinion is a loss of know-how in the art of stenciling. The artists that we intend to present to you in this exhibition, Artist Worker, Guy Denning, Miss Tic, Monkeybird and Nick Walker, are masters in the art of cutting stencils that, like goldsmiths, they spend hours, days , even weeks, to chisel. And only an intense and informed contemplation of their creations can allow us to detect the control, the precision, the know-how, the delicacy and the treasures of imagination that are hidden there. Each of our artists develops his own genre, his own universe of stenciling, creation and image. Thus, to paraphrase Anatole France: “Style has movement and image. "- Eric and Laurent
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