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Galerie Brugier Rigail

Galerie Brugier Rigail

Paris - France

C'est pas le Pérou !

Paris From 12 December to 30 January 2021

Thoma Vuille presents us with a very personal exhibition, a reflection of her interiority, an intimate look at the various moments that mark this strange and destabilizing year 2020. Taking us on an interior journey populated by imaginary adventures, M.CHAT never remains. far from reality.

The artist invites us to a cognitive immersion through his reflections, mentalized and transcribed in his works. We invite you to retrace the thread of the contextual elements that marked out this year. January 2020: End of the solo show "PARISEOUL" in Paris and preparation of the exhibition scheduled for April and May at the Galerie Brugier-Rigail Seoul, a period marked by the production of the works "Seoul Subway to New York City - Journey with a graffiti ”And“ Souvenir from Seoul Tower ”.

February / March / April 2020: The health crisis caused by Covid-19 leads to the cancellation of Mr CHAT's personal exposure in South Korea. In France, confinement leads to the temporary closure of the Paris gallery. This period led M.CHAT to a return to nature; Thoma settles in the Jura, far from the turmoil, where he improvises a campaign workshop. The artist leads a reflection on smaller, precious formats: confinement thus becomes the scene of the birth of his first icons. On wooden supports, he juggles between techniques, mixing acrylic, gold leaf pencil or silver leaf. This abundant work highlights the message of hope and joy that Thoma always strives to communicate.

June / July / August 2020: With the deconfinement, Thoma enters a period of great creation, driven by the hope of finally being able to perform the solo show planned in Seoul a few months earlier. This stage sees the development of a series of works entitled “Murs de Paris”; M.CHAT rediscovers his workshop, gradually freeing himself from the anxiety-provoking climate linked to the Covid-19 crisis. Thoma reappropriates the streets of Paris, where his M.CHAT will spread from then on, accompanying us with their benevolent smile, to meet at the bend of a wall, at the entrance of a store or inside school. The Cat is back home.

September / October / November 2020: New exhibition postponement and postponed trip for M.CHAT… in Peru, in March 2021! This event is planned in Lima, a city for which the Alliance Française and the Swiss Embassy in Peru have commissioned Thoma to paint a fresco on a building listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. This final twist in his program gave Thoma the idea of presenting some of the works created for the deferred Peruvian exhibition at the Brugier-Rigail Gallery in December 2020. After the many adventures of this incredible year , the artist's joie de vivre has triumphed, and Thoma proves to us that ultimately, bringing the exotic to the house, “It's not Peru! ".
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  • 40, rue Volta
    75003, Paris
    01 42 77 09 00

M.Chat, Le Saint Instinct, Painting


Le Saint Instinct, 2020
25.6 x 19.7 inch

$ 3,102

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