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193 Gallery

193 Gallery

PARIS - France

Colors of Dreams

Venise VE From August 25, 2022 to October 28, 2022

For its last venetian chapter, the 193 Gallery presents the exhibition The Colors of Dreams showcasing the works of Hassan Hajjaj, Thandiwe Muriu and Derrick Ofosu Boateng. The regions of North, West and East Africa immortalize their colors - a vision of the country that birthed them and the culture that guides them.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Thandiwe Muriu celebrates her African heritage through her CAMO series, in which she tackles important issues such as identity and self-perception using the rich colors and vibrancy the continent is so well known for. As a female artist operating in a previously male-dominated field, she aims at empowering her fellow women by advocating self-love and acceptance.

To master our own story, to live our own dreams, to accept what we are instead of what we are expected to be is also the message that Derrick Ofosu Boateng conveys in his colorful body of works. As a young Ghanaian artist working and living in Accra, Derrick uses photography as a powerful means to dignify the lives of his compatriots. He works mainly with the iPhone to underline that even with the simplest tools, it is possible to be an artist.

The pride and love for one's country is also present in the works of anglo-moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj, who invites us for tea. A time to stop, relax and wander, nestled in the heart of Moroccan pop culture. His photographs depict a playful and vibrant image of Morocco with its quirky characters and motorcycle gangs.
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  • Dorsoduro 556
    30123, Venise VE

Camo 2.0 4415, Thandiwe Muriu

Camo 2.0 4415

Thandiwe Muriu

Photography - 35.4 x 23.6 x 0.1 inch


Andre Stylin', Hassan Hajjaj

Andre Stylin'

Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 23.6 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch


Camo 24, Thandiwe Muriu

Camo 24

Thandiwe Muriu

Photography - 35.4 x 23.6 inch


Arfoudi, Hassan Hajjaj


Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 44.1 x 29.9 x 0.4 inch


Bouchra Rider, Hassan Hajjaj

Bouchra Rider

Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 26.5 x 16.9 inch


P.P.F.C, Hassan Hajjaj


Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 43.7 x 35.1 inch


Le tour de Maroc, Hassan Hajjaj

Le tour de Maroc

Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 41.3 x 27.6 x 2.4 inch


Black Nyke Veil, Hassan Hajjaj

Black Nyke Veil

Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 27.2 x 20.1 inch


M's Back, Hassan Hajjaj

M's Back

Hassan Hajjaj

Photography - 50.4 x 35 x 0.4 inch


Thandiwe Muriu

Thandiwe Muriu


Hassan Hajjaj

Hassan Hajjaj