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Galerie Claire Corcia

Galerie Claire Corcia

Paris - France

The island, Julien Calot

Paris From March 8, 2018 to April 14, 2018

L'Ile presents unpublished paintings by the 36-year-old Parisian artist Julien Calot. These new works radiate a fiery colored energy. Smiles, life force and the soothing power of nature come together there because Julien Calot likes to travel and meet other cultures. He reappropriates its codes and makes us discover these differences whose richness and invigorating energy he communicates. The works composed of a myriad of colored lines reveal a rhythmic and chaotic figuration that echoes the energy of street art as well as the surf culture on which the artist feeds. Through a series of large formats teeming with signs and lines, Julien Calot celebrates an energetic and colorful life, sometimes violent, where the exuberance of the animal and human worlds mingles in saturated, powerful and hypnotic works, in the blink of an eye. eye to tribal art, Pablo Picasso or Jean Cocteau. Julien CALOT covers his canvases with signs to the point of invasion, creating a plethora of figurative motifs. This is how abundant urban scenes are composed that push back the limits of narration, echoing the political and social issues of our time. In this complexity of details, the artist offers the vision of a colorful, fiery and energetic existence. His large canvases embody the quest for a global vision of reality. Julien Calot tries to capture the bustle of life in its complexity, its nuances: sometimes peaceful and wild, playful and disturbing, luminous or dark. The artist gives us real interior landscapes inhabited by expressive and turbulent characters in which a welcoming or hostile, natural or urban, soothing or distressing environment unfolds. The artist exaggerates the disproportion of the bodies and intensifies the colors more and more, flirting with naive art. The play of dissolving the boundaries between surface and background and the dynamism of these compositions hypnotize the viewer. Originally from La Rochelle, in love with surfing and the sea, Julien Calot reveals a universe deeply marked by tribal art and the codes of surf culture: clear outlines, simplified shapes, bright colors, dynamics of bodies and faces on a background of rock. At the same time, he explores various forms of artistic creation: writing, painting, photography through new technological editing processes, up to the mixing of electronic music. Exhibitions: 2018: Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland, Galerie Claire Corcia Ddessin Paris, Galerie Claire Corcia Galerie Claire Corcia "L'île" - Paris 2017: Galerie Claire Corcia "On the road" - Paris 2016: Galerie Claire Corcia "The Party" - Paris 2015: Galerie Claire Corcia “Apnea” - Paris 2014: Chapel of the White Ladies - La Rochelle 2014: Cloitre des Dames - La Rochelle 2014: Galerie Claire Corcia “Big Bang” - Paris 2012: Lille Art Fair - Lille 2012: Salon Contemporary Art of Saint Sulpice - Paris 2012: Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain Bastille - Paris 2011: Lille Art Fair - Lille 2011: Contemporary Art Fair of Saint Sulpice - Paris 2010: Personal exhibition Galerie Meyer Le Bihan - Paris 2009 : Personal exhibition. Espace Yono - Paris 2006: Personal exhibition Nuances et Lumières - Lyon
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  • 323 rue Saint Martin
    75003, Paris
    06 62 84 03 74

Julien Calot, La forêt, Painting

Julien Calot

La forêt, 2016
78.7 x 59.1 inch


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