Christian Maas, born on September 11, 1951, in Saint-Étienne, is a French sculptor. He became famous notably through a range of public commissions.

After studying foreign languages, modern literature and art history, he travelled all over the world, before working exclusively on sculpture, and learning how to handle basic materials and bronze in various foundries. Since 1987, he has devoted himself exclusively to the production of his works.

In 1988, he professionally began his apprenticeship in workshops (waxes and plasters...). In 1989, he perfected his artistic work on wax directly in the foundries that welcomed him. In 1991, he began a series of tributes to Brancusi, Zadkine, Moore, Archipenko, which were his first personal works. 

In 1992 and 1993, he created and produced movable sculptures (tables, chests of drawers, consoles, lighting, etc.). The next couple of years, his practice took a hyper-realistic direction with the feminine series Windy Days, CaniculaL'Invitation, Extasy, Fusion. He then made his first "large sizes" (1.80 m) After Storn and Couple Erotique.

In 1996, he created his first monumental animal works such as his great horse and great bull (life size) as well as large fountains (over 2 m) such as his Water Carriers. In 1997, he continued his monumental animal subjects, horses, bulls, deer, wild boars etc., and also worked on the Wargils, life-size erotic women, for instance La Fin de l'Eté. At the same time, he carried out casting work for Louis Cane.

In 1998, he designed his first commemorative sculptures (the Survivor and the Torreshima series). That same year, he met René Bouvier who became his agent and following his advice, he began working around Bacchus and the symbolic of the vine and wine, his Bachic period. It was then that he created L'Allégorie de la Vigne, and the Fontaines vigneronnes. He also worked on his symbolic sculptures (La Main) and his fantastic pieces like his Surrealist Boar. 

In 1999, his works were exhibited at the Salon Museum Expression, in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Christian Maas has also been creating works for several years under the pseudonyms of Paul Michel, and David Alan Jones. These sculptures (bronze and recently, aluminum) are also listed on the art market.

For over 10 years now, his sculptures have also been exhibited in France, in many exhibitions, some of which are permanent.

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Sculpture, Guépard marchant, Christian Maas

Guépard marchant

Christian Maas

Sculpture - 84 x 190 x 30 cm Sculpture - 33.1 x 74.8 x 11.8 inch


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What is Christian Maas’s artistic movement?
The artistic movements of the artists are: Classical Animal Sculptors
When was Christian Maas born?
The year of birth of the artist is: 1951