Pop Culture Objects

Pop culture is the dominant culture of a society at any given time, including its beliefs, norms, fashion, objects and music, and especially what is represented in mass media. Since the Pop Art movement which began in the 1950s and peaked in the 1960s, many artists have represented aspects of popular culture in art. 

From everyday objects to advertising to comics, the artists of the Pop Art movement mixed elements of popular culture and fine art in order to challenge the hierarchy between “high" and “low" culture. This was sparked by a reaction against the traditions of fine art, which the movement's members felt bore no relevance to the everyday person's life. A key example and leading figure of the Pop Art movement in the US is Andy Warhol, who became famous for presenting depictions of everyday objects like cans of soup as works of fine art. 

Today, contemporary artists around the world are continuing the legacy of the Pop Art movement by producing works that mix fine art and pop culture. From the wrapped hard candy sculptures of Laurence Jenkell to the brightly-colored lollipops and skateboards of Elena Bulatova, explore the world of pop culture objects in art today!

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