Eau blanche, 2020

Éléonore Deshayes

Painting : oil, ink, marker 10.6 x 8.7 x 1.2 inch


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Éléonore Deshayes, Eau blanche

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So that her memories are not based solely on archiving, she exercises herself to organize them, to prolong them, to cultivate and mature the territories she has crossed. It is a quest, that of recording the visible and making a plastic transposition of it where imagination and memory collaborate. She takes what she needs from nature and combines its effects, while looking for something other than real space. She creates her own speculative space where the motif is totally sensed, recurrent and carried by fragments of landscapes. A double movement operates: she physically moves away from the familiar place and returns to the new landscape, to be rediscovered. The journey undertaken is therefore not a journey across the world, but through time. She captures a sum of moments, arranged in a fragmented universe, unfolding by successive layers, by strata and able to extend to infinity. His work therefore has no fixed temporality, he constantly calls to question it and the figurative nature leaves a question mark on the reality of this nature. Is it completed and graspable, or in perpetual construction? His landscapes, these "floating poems" allow him to rediscover the impact of a primitive vision, to welcome the stigmata of a past visual experience.
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Professional art gallery • Bayonne, France

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Painting: oil, ink, marker
Dimensions cm inch
10.6 x 8.7 x 1.2 inch
Not framed
Unique work
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Hand-signed by artist

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Graduated from the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg in 2016, Éléonore Deshayes lives and works in Lille. His practice revolves around the mediums of painting, drawing and photography.

Winner of the Canson Art School Awards in 2017, this event gave her first visibility through an article in Artension magazine and the publication of a catalogue of her work.

During her travels, she is in search of the ambient plasticity. She uses photography as a graphic note-taking, with the intention of capturing the shapes, patterns and textures of the environment around her. She draws from the journey an indispensable stimulus that she considers as a quest where the imagination, memory and accuracy of photography must collaborate to create a truth.

From several journeys, the artist makes a mental projection of a territory built by the digital manipulation of the visuals she has selected, then by the implementation of a plastic language using drawing and colour. These fragments of territory are then freed from their initial context and the landscape is transformed into a scenery created from scratch.

She creates her own speculative space, a sum of moments captured in a fragmented and open universe, unfolding in successive layers, in strata that can extend to infinity. His work evokes a territory in transition, an impression of unfinished business, the impossibility of putting an end to this journey. It induces a space that continues beyond the canvas or paper, a place where the spirit could travel in the landscape without staying there.

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