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Marrakech - Morocco

Set up in Marrakech in early 2006 by Nathalie Locatelli, the gallery is 127 devoted exclusively to contemporary photography; the first gallery the kind of the Maghreb. The primary objective was to "give back to Morocco what belongs to Morocco ", ie a realized photographic heritage across the country over the past 40 years by many artists international photographers. In parallel, the gallery is interested in local creation as well as that produced by artists from the diaspora.

Thus, after 8 years, the gallery has made 127 in its walls sixty monographic and group exhibitions. From photography "Classic", to art photography, author known, whose works are generally inspired by their personal history, their quest for beauty and meaning. The gallery has as main areas, linked photography Morocco, the Arab world and Africa. But promote photography Morocco on the International scene is one of its main objectives.

As noticed by his singular action, she was selected for represent Morocco at Paris Photo in 2009. In 2013 it also figured in selected galleries Photo Los Angeles for Paris with a solo show of carolle Bénitah.

Extremely concerned by the development of the photographic heritage the country, the gallery supports 127 parallel projects such the book publishing. For this, a collective book will see day in 2016, A History of Moroccan photography, but also monographs such as Casablanca of italian photographer Marco Barbon.

Also sensitive to the quality of local production, it accompanies young Moroccan artists to build their "work" as a perspective view, as the editing and production of prints, and then make them known to the widest audience possible. Sought regularly on acquisitions of foreign museums, it is also for the curatorial and takes participating in juries or to portfolios readings. The gallery also receives some resident artists for productions local and organizes exchanges with foreign galleries.
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  • 127, avenue Mohammed V
    40 000, Paris
    00 212 661 33 99 53

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Hicham Gardaf, The Red Square #1, Photography

Hicham Gardaf

The Red Square #1, 2016
11.8 x 11.8 inch


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