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Brussels From 9 December to 11 December 2016

Commonplaces ASBL

Commonplaces ASBL

Brussels - Belgium

5 visions of memory in contemporary art

December, 9th-11th, 2016, 4 Place de Thorigny, Paris

Anna Zuber, Józef Bury, Léon Garreaud de Mainvilliers, Michel Kirch and Claudia Vialaret question the visual memory. Art feeds itself on the memory of its authors or call in the viewer’s one. Each of the exhibited artists investigate a specific artistic path, while questioning the concept of memory, either in their concept or in their creative process.

Memories are at the heart of Anna Zuber‘s artistic series. Whether in photography or silkscreen printing, all techniques are a tool to transcend anonymous memories of unknown people.

Józef Bury’s conceptual artworks question the relationship between memory and time. Their mysterious form involves a subject analysis by the viewer.

Claudia Vialaret’s photographs feed on the memory of art. She takes baroque compositions or academic poses over, decontextualizes and recomposes them by creasing.

Through his etchings, monotypes or embroideries, Leon Garreaud de Mainvilliers works on the concept of trace. His artworks explore with poetry the collective memory of his native region, the Atacama desert in Chile.

Michel Krich’s artworks depict the unconscious and the memory of origins. He gathers visual elements around the world and assembles them numerically to compose his visual poems.
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  • 4 place de Thorigny
    75003, Paris

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