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TOULOUSE From 2 April to 5 April 2017

Next Pop Art Gallery

Next Pop Art Gallery


Fabien Novarino, famous for his icons of the cinema of the 50s and 60, will expose his new works "Grunge Covers", creations were inspired by the vintage magazines cover in the effigy of the stars of the American and French cinema.

Photo, paint, ink, graffiti or still collage are the heart of its works. Very influenced by its numerous journeys in New York, Novarino turns out to be an artist in the colored works who joins in the line of Pop art New.

Each of the unique works is a gathering of feelings, passions and originality!

ZED, will present us during this exhibition, its sculptures called "Flexo", a character at the same time imaginary and universal! Each of the postures, alternately audacious, romantic, or still dreamy symbolize an emotion, an expression of the human body.

The acrylic glass being impossible to hug industrially, every expression is created by thermoforming in the hand! All the technique of the artist is there!
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  • 15 rue Croix Baragnon
    31000, Toulouse

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Zed, Flexo Be Sporty 3, Sculpture


Flexo Be Sporty 3, 2016
7.9 x 8.7 x 11 inch

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