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Comme une image

From 24 March to 23 April 2017

Art Thema

Art Thema

Bruxelles - Belgium


Most of you already know the youngest of our house artists, Caroline Brisset. With her 29 years she makes us travel through a particular world only she can create.

Her work breathes chemistry... It unveils a transformation by the artist of a mean material that she chisels, beats and solders and submits into a work of an art which touches the heart.

Her inspirations comes out of dreams and images that show themselves as keys.

From a sketch a structure is designed which she directly translates onto the material.She assembles pieces of metal bit by bit, with enormous precision and patience, just like a haute couture dress. But her skill does not end there as it can also can transcend the metal directly from a solid state into a fluid state by means of the flames directed at it and thus transforming the metal into a piece of lace.

The exhibition "Comme une image" will show you all of her talents as expressed by her sculptures, objects and design furniture. A precious voyage taking you to meet people and endearing, enigmatic personalities and much more.

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  • Rue de la Madeleine, 51
    1000, Bruxelles

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Caroline Brisset, Siamese, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Siamese, 2016
171 x 80 x 50 cm

11 500 €

Caroline Brisset, Des km de dentelles, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Des km de dentelles, 2016
190 x 45 x 30 cm

8 900 €

Caroline Brisset, C6 (compression), Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

C6 (compression), 2017
145 x 12 x 12 cm

2 700 €

Caroline Brisset, Igor, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Igor, 2017
55 x 5 x 5 cm

Sold out

Caroline Brisset, Study for James Dean, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Study for James Dean, 2017
93 x 36 x 46 cm

Sold out

Caroline Brisset, Dress, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Dress, 2016
156 x 40 x 70 cm

12 500 €

Caroline Brisset, Chrysalide, Sculpture

Caroline Brisset

Chrysalide, 2016
100 x 64 x 30 cm

3 400 €

Caroline Brisset


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