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H+O: 50 years Concrete!

From 24 June to 15 July 2017

Galerie NUMMER40

Galerie NUMMER40

Doetinchem - Netherlands


In 2017 it is exactly 50 years ago since the Dutch artist Nel Haringa and Fred Olijve ended their joint study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Warsaw, one year after they sucessfully completed their studies at the National Academy in Amsterdam. Although they are not officially active as artist couple since 1969, 1967 marks the beginning of their working period as concrete artists. On this occasion, Galerie NUMMER40 organizes from June 24th to July 15th the solo exhibition H+O: 50 years Concrete!

During this exhibition a broad overview of both older and very recent work is shown, ranging from outdoor sculptures and plexiglas objects to work on the wall in mixed media, scale models and project pictures of building-integrated art. The exhibition offers a fascinating look at both the diversity of the work of this artist couple, as well as on the extreme consistency with which they design and realise their work. Whether their are made of concrete, steel, wood, acrylic or metal fabric, there is always the recognition of the H+O signature.

Nel Haringa and Fred Olijve are, similar to Ad Dekkers, Peter Struycken, Joost Baljeu and Bob Bonies, part of the post-war movement that adds new chapters to the abstract geometric art in the Netherlands, not only by the nature of their work but also by the personal relationship with the latter two. Through their administrative work in the visual arts sector in the seventies, eighties and nineties, they have also shaped the development of the visual arts policy in the Netherlands. To underline the importance of Nel Haringa and Fred Olijve for the Dutch concrete art, Galerie NUMMER40 presents during the exhibition in collaboration with Nijstad & Beumkes a brief monograph on the artist couple.

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  • 2e Loolaan 40
    7009AT, Doetinchem

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Haringa + Olijve, Homage to Malevich, Sculpture

Haringa + Olijve

Homage to Malevich, 2008
125 x 26 x 26 cm

€8 000

Haringa + Olijve