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Kontakt n°3 | XY&Z #part 1

Paris From 8 June to 17 June 2017

• kontakthof •

• kontakthof •

Paris - France

Kontakt n°3 is a multidisciplinary exhibition focused on black and white and the three-dimensionality of space. XY&Z presents more than 250 drawings by the artist David Paul Kay, the new mirror of Chape&Mache edited by the gallery and the 10 original sculptures of the French visual artist Aaleha ; three mediums and techniques that explore and redefine the notions of time and space by sublimating black and white.

About the artists

1. Aaleha, Sculpture and serigraphy

The sublimeness in the chaos is the foundation of his work. Inspired by the Chaos theory that explains that order creates disorder, and disorder causes order, the artist tries to reach the common border with these two antipodes. His creative process is a paradoxical destruction.

The Surfaces series undeniably questions those who see it: the different textures and composition are almost impossible to define. The effects of lace and depressions seem natural and organic while the matter is artificial. Volumes and bumps created by the deterioration of the material invites the eye to plunge into an unknown universe. The work resemble stone, for some it may seem to be lava, and to others a material from another world.

From concrete to wax passing through the plaster and porcelain, Aaleha works with all kinds of materials that he can alter and experiment with different methods of deterioration. Surfaces is a series where plastic is his favorite material and heat is the sublimation tool that alters it.

2. David Paul Kay, Drawing

David Paul Kay sees exteriors transformed. Using dynamic lines, he converts the walls and paper into kinetic surfaces. He is the creator of many large-scale murals throughout New York as the roof "HK52" and the walls of the "G Lounge & Gallery". He has also participated in many group exhibitions in New York, donated several pieces at charity events and was recently hosted a personal exhibition on Fire Island, NYC.

David Paul Kay’s artworks are now in private collections in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
Although he is very present and active in his north Manhattan workshop, the artist draws his small formats in the New York subway, inspired by what he likes to call "the real life New York City". The drawings accumulate along paths and are sometimes very diverse as they are a reflection of what is happening in front of him, sometimes the fruit of his subconscious. We then see faces and bodies but also large architectural lines and buildings in distortions.

Paul David Kay’s art is a product of his city.

3. Chape & Mache, Design

After obtaining their diplomas in 2011 with the congratulations of the jury at the Angers School of Fine Arts, Aurélie collaborated with the Galeries Lafayette, Swarovski, Vans, Lacoste ... as a designer and independent scenographer. David joins an international group with whom he develops projects for JC Decaux, Orange, Samsung, SNCF, etc. It is in parallel with these activities that Aurèlie and David collaborate under the name of Chape&Mache, since 2013 they realize serveral projcets such as “Picnic of the banks of Loire” for the mayor of Orléans or “Constellation” for the city of Strasbourg.

In 2016, they won consecutively “Forme publique” with four micro-architectures and the first prize of the “9ème concours Cinna - Révélateur de talents” with the lamp “Ondule”. Their work is symbolic and seen from observations of everyday situations. They approach many fields through singular pieces that question the collective or individual uses. Each new project of Chape&Mache is a creative alchemy.

l'appartement • kontakthof • 26 RUE DE LA HARPE 75005 PARIS
tuesday to saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
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    75005, Paris

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Aaleha, Cellular 1, Sculpture


Cellular 1, 2014
28.7 x 28.7 x 0.8 inch


David Paul Kay, DPK 88, Drawing

David Paul Kay

DPK 88, 2013
5.9 x 3.5 x 0 inch


David Paul Kay, DPK 72, Drawing

David Paul Kay

DPK 72, 2012
5.9 x 3.5 x 0 inch


David Paul Kay, DPK 16, Drawing

David Paul Kay

DPK 16, 2012
5.9 x 3.5 x 0 inch

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