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Xin Art Galerie

Xin Art Galerie

Ars en Ré - France

New Wave

Ars en Ré From 6 August to 12 August 2017

Manolo Chretien is a photographer and visual artist using an innovative technique of print on aluminum. Manolo Chretien lives and works in Blois (France). He is represented by several galleries in Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Singapore and London.

He is fascinated by the fantastic machines created to accelerate time and gain superpowers. Planes, cars, spaceships are the symbol of a world constantly moving and pushing boundaries. They are the mirror of human ambition.

He has also developed a more recent series, influenced by his childhood spent by the shores of Brittany, wind, water and light have become the main characters of the artist’s set. The way natural elements shape the surrounding has been pursuing the eye of the photographer. In his constant quest of tracking the ultimate instant, Manolo Chre?tien captures the perfect symphony and the pure balance between the elements.
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  • 9 route de Saint-Clément
    17590, Ars en Ré
    +33 (0)6 47 59 77 62

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